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Masonry in New York encompasses two distinct but interesting aspects: the skilled craft of brick, stone, and concrete construction, and the historical fraternal organization, Freemasonry.

The Building Blocks of New York:

For centuries, masonry has played a vital role in shaping the architectural landscape of New York. From the iconic brownstones of Brooklyn to the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, skilled masons have used their expertise to construct these enduring structures.

Finding a New York Mason:

If you’re looking for a mason for your next building project, here are some resources:

The New York Chapter of Freemasonry:

Freemasonry is a centuries-old fraternal organization with a presence in New York. While not directly related to the construction trade, the stonemasons’ guilds of the Middle Ages are said to be a source of inspiration for some of their rituals and symbolism.

In Conclusion:

Masonry in New York represents a unique blend of the practical and the historical. From the skilled craft that shapes the city’s skyline to the fraternal organization with its longstanding traditions, masonry remains an important part of New York’s story.

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